first knitting project

Pattern: First Clutch

Designer: Amy Blake Baldwin

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Foil

Started 2.8.15; completed 1.6.16.

First project (finished at last)

This clutch, my first knitting project ever, was our first project in my beginning knitting class at JP Knit and Stitch.  I finished knitting the clutch and mattress-stitching one side in about a week or so . . . and then took another 10 months to stitch up the other side and sew on the button.  Ridiculous!

I was inspired to finally finish the poor thing because my sister asked me to teach her to knit, chose this as her first pattern—and finished in about two days!  Afterward, she said, “I just want to do the knitting and someone else can do the finishing.”  Ah, you’re not alone, girlie.

Pattern by my teacher, Amy!