first knitting project

Pattern: First Clutch

Designer: Amy Blake Baldwin

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Foil

Started 2.8.15; completed 1.6.16.

First project (finished at last)

This clutch, my first knitting project ever, was our first project in my beginning knitting class at JP Knit and Stitch.  I finished knitting the clutch and mattress-stitching one side in about a week or so . . . and then took another 10 months to stitch up the other side and sew on the button.  Ridiculous!

I was inspired to finally finish the poor thing because my sister asked me to teach her to knit, chose this as her first pattern—and finished in about two days!  Afterward, she said, “I just want to do the knitting and someone else can do the finishing.”  Ah, you’re not alone, girlie.

Pattern by my teacher, Amy!

strawberry fields

Strawberry picking 1
Strawberry picking 2
Strawberry picking 3
Strawberry picking 6
Strawberry picking 6

After a bumpy, dusty ride on a tractor-drawn cart (the kids loved it), we picked two flats of strawberries.  I always feel like the farm owners are secretly amused by we city- and suburb-dwellers, but it was fun, and I love strawberries.  The day was dry and sunny but not too warm.  Later, Sachi made freezer jam!


Pattern: Amerie

Designer: Lucy Hague

Yarn: Handspun "Marshmallow & Chocolate" by Alexandra McKenzie Mason of Spinning and Stitching

Started 4.7.15; completed 5.25.15.

Maisie modeling Marian-hued cowl 1
Maisie modeling Marian-hued cowl 2
Maisie modeling Marian-hued cowl 3
Marian-hued cowl, blocked

My first attempt at a lace pattern (and a provisional cast-on and a three-needle bind-off; and blocking).  I bought the yarn without a particular purpose in mind, then wanted to work on a new project on my birthday.  Searched by yarn weight and yardage and voila--found this great pattern.

Maisie showed an unexpected aptitude for knitwear modeling!

flopsy, mopsy, cotton-tail

Pattern: Catnip Bunny

Designer: Selina Kyle

Yarn: Quince & Co Chickadee in Delft, Dogwood, Goldfinch, and Snap Pea

Completed 4.5.15.

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail - Easter 2015

Every Easter, I go out for brunch with a group of about 10 friends, and we exchange small gifts.  Many of the attendees are cat owners, so my gift this year was these catnip-filled bunnies (plus gummy candies shaped like carrots).  I made 18 of them!